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Midnight North's second full-length album, Scarlet Skies, is out now!

View the full list of Midnight North's tour dates here.

About Midnight North

Closeup of Midnight NorthThey say if you work hard enough, opportunity flies like seed on the wind. Midnight North sustain this as truth. Gigs one after another. Set lists like a jukebox that has overflowed. A musical guest list longer than New Year’s Eve. For this band, it’s all about the song. Never one to sit still, Midnight North released two recordings in 2015. Scarlet Skies, the band's second full length album was released on June 9th and Stayin' Single, Drinkin' Doubles, a 4 song digital EP, was released on Valentine's Day 2015. Their debut album End of the Night proved successful enough online and on CD that they chose to press a limited edition mixed colored vinyl record in 2014. In an age when bands seem to come and go like fireflies, Midnight North is entering their second year of holding down a weekly gig at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA where they began webcasting live and connecting with fans as far away as Japan. Every Sunday night, you are one click away from tuning in for fun nights like one in June of 2014 that had Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh standing in for an out-of-town Connor. This is a band that is as happy logging highway miles as it is keeping the home fires warm.

Midnight North celebrated their second birthday by welcoming new member Alex Jordan. Alex, equally able on guitar and organ, joins Grahame Lesh and Elliott Peck in three part harmonies that are as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. Rhythm section mates, bassist Connor O’Sullivan and drummer Eric Saar can settle in and make themselves at home in any groove from a stomp to a slow-burn or boogie.